100% Plus Team Tour FAQs
Q. Why is the tour called 100% Plus Team Tour?
 A. The payout is more than 100% at each event
Q. What is the entry fee?
 A. $250 per team per event
Q. Do I have to be an ABA member to register?
 A. Yes, the tour is open to all ABA members in good standings. Also, ABA Members receive many benefits. 6 issues of the ABA Magazine, Sponsor discounts, decal, patch, access to special areas of the ABA website. Be a part of an organization that is all about the angler!
Q. Are there ways to not pay a membership fee?
 A. Yes, there are several special programs that allow you a first year free membership or a complimentary membership. 
 1. Triton Boat Owners - Receive their first year free
 2. Ram Truck Owners - Receive their first year free
 3. Package Registrations from September 18 - December 1, 2017 receive a complimentary membership. 
Q. How many teams will get a pay check in these events?
 A. The top 20% of the field. Example: 200 boats – 40 places, 250 boats – 50 places.
Q. Can I have a guide fish with me during practice? 
 A. No, while other tours allow this ABA does not. During official practice a contestant may only pre-fish with another contestant or (with tournament director’s approval) a member of their immediately family.
Q. Why is there an off-limits? 
 A. No. 
Q. What are qualificatons for the Ram 100% Plus Team Tour Championship?
 A. Any team that fishes at least three events in their respective division qualifies for the championship.
Q. If I place a deposit for all events am I guaranteed a slot in all events? 
 A. Yes, and pakage entries get priority over single event entries.
Q. Do I have to sign up for all events?
 A. No, teams may sign up for one or all events
Q. How does the Deposit for Events work? 
 A. As a courtesy anglers may place a non-refundable/non-transferable deposit on each event to reserve their position and boat number. 
Q. If I pay in full for events can I get a refund if I can’t make the event? 
 A. Prior to COB Wednesday before the event teams may request a refund or transfer, refunds will be assessed a $25.00 processing fee. After COB Wednesday no refunds or transfers will be given.
Q. When do you have to be registered for events?
 A. Teams must be registered by Friday 5pm CST prior to the event
Q. Will registrations be taken after Friday 5pm CST prior to the event?
 A. No
Q. When are boat numbers assigned?
 A. Boat Numbers are assigned as you registered on a first come, first served basis with package entries having priority over single event entries..
Q. What is the High Stakes Option Pot?
 A. It is an additional 100% optional entry of $100 that will be paid to 20% of the field
Q. Are there sponsor bonuses for events?
 A. Yes, Triton Gold pays up to $7000 to the winner, Mercury will pay up to $1000 to the winner, T-H Marine pays up to $1800 for their Atlas Award Program, $1000 Garmin Grand Giveaway, and Abu Garcia Revo Big Bass Bonus.
Q: What is the definition of a pro?
 A: Anyone that has participated as a pro/boater in the FLW Tour or BASS Elite events within the past 12 months. 
Q. Will polygraphs be use?
 A. Yes ABA does polygraphs at all Team Tour events! First place plus one or more other places will be polygraphed.
Q. What is the Team Meeting Pass
A. The Team Meeting Pass allows both members of the team miss the meeting and safety briefing